Research and Technology transfer

17/08/2019 1427
     Scientific research has always been viewed as an important task of the school. Over the years, the school staff have conducted many scientific researches at all levels, some of them have been applied in practice.
     The movement of students in scientific research has always been school leadership’s attention. From 20017 to 2019, there have been 200 scientific researches of students with high practicability, helping students to apply what they have learned into practice. There were two theses that won Vifotech award, one thesis that won third prize in national student research award.
     Scientific and technological activities of faculty and students are performed in parallel with teaching and learning.All of them are attached with the fields of technology to which the school training. Aware of the importance of this activity, the school has had measures to promote scientific and technological activities such as building annual plans, issuing regulation for science and technology support and reward, creating favorable conditions for practicable researches.