Academic Affairs

10/12/2019 926
Introduction: The Office of Academic Affairs is a functional unit of the University to supports students and teachers in learning, teaching, research and creative expression. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education to prepare future human resources and beneficial citizens to participate in the industrialization and modernization of the Central - Western Highlands region and the whole country.

Staff: The Office of Academic Affairs has 05 peoples: 
- PhD. Nguyễn Thanh Hội: Deputy head  email: 
- MSc. Huỳnh Nhật Nam: Deputy head, email:  
- BA. Lê Văn Huy: Expert, email:  
- BA. Đào Thị Thanh Thu: Expert, email: 
- BA. Lê Thị Xuân Thanh: Expert, email: 

Function: The Office of Academic Affairs has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in organizing and managing all the training activities which are according to the applied orientation, multi-discipline in the technological fields, and equipping knowledge of technical pedagogy, in order to create a high quality human resource, to meeting the cause of industrialization and modernization in the Central - Western Highlands region and the whole country.
- Advise on planning training strategies.
- Develop training management documents.
- Organize the development and management of training programs and curricula.
- Develops and revises policies on admissions, progression and retention standards.
- Develop a training plan.
- Organize and manage the training process.
- Manage printing, issuing diplomas and certificates.
- Other works: invite visiting lecturers, training link…

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