Student Affairs

10/12/2019 2793


Telephone: (84) 0236.3896602  


1 MA. Nguyen Tan Hoa
Deputy Head of Department
Telephone: (84) 0236.3896602
2 MA. Nguyen Huu Thanh
Deputy Head of Department
Telephone: (84) 0236.3896602

2) Staff 

1 MA. Nguyen Tan Hoa Deputy Head of Department
2 MA. Nguyen Huu Thanh Deputy Head of Department
3 MA. Pham Thi Tu Phuong Specialist
4 Nguyen Van Dung Staff
5 Huynh Thi Kim Lien Specialist
6 Tran Nam Thang Staff
7 Phan Van Duong Staff
8 Nguyen Hua Dang Vinh Staff
9 Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha Staff
10 Dang Thi Dang Staff
11 Le Thi Phuong Thao Staff
12 Pham Dinh Tan Tan Staff


Department of Student Affairs (DSA) has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in the management, education on political ideology for students; managing dormitory activities; searching for domestic and foreign scholarships for students.


- Planning to organize the Opening Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony for Students.

- Leading the launch of start-up programs for students.

- Receiving and managing admission records of students, checking student records to ensure the requirements of regulations; preserving student records during the learning process; storing students’ files after graduation (5 years).

- Performing certifications for students studying at the School on credit loans, military service suspension, curriculum vitae, certificate of student status...

- Implementing regimes, policies and learning regulations related to students.

- Organizing a week of citizen activities for students at the beginning, middle and end of the course; thought political education organization for students.

- Implementing to manage and check the regular class meetings according to the class schedule of each semester and the class meeting minutes of all classes throughout the school, statistics on the situation of ensuring the class meeting to report to the Rector.

- Coordinating with the Faculties to propose a list of head teachers/academic advisors, submitting to the Board of Rectors for decision to issue.

- Implementing the reward and discipline process of students according to regulations.

- Chairing the organization of defense education classes for students.

- Presiding over the assessment of training marks of students and considering the list of study encouragement scholarships and business-sponsored scholarships for students to submit to the Rector for approval.

- Being responsible for coordinating the Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs to plan health examination for students; implementation of health insurance and health insurance benefits for students according to regulations.

- Coordinating with Youth Union, monitoring and supporting the movement activities of students. 

- Coordinating with the Center of Student Support and Business Relations, and agencies and businesses on recruitment, introduction, counseling and job search for students. 

- Coordinating with local authorities to solve issues related to students on order and security; manage internal and external students; coordinate with units and functional departments to propagate and prevent crime. violations, drugs, other social evils, prevention of diseases, traffic safety compliance as well as order and security in internal and external students.

- Directly managing Dormitory; receiving and resolving applications for internal and external students; checking the execution of dormitory regulations. Ensuring the security and order situation in the Dormitory. Making registration for students in the Dormitory in accordance with the law.