Industrial Education

10/12/2019 2430
Industrial Education
The Department of Industrial Education was established based on the Department of Technical Education of the University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang since 1999 and officially first enrolled in 2000.
The current Department of Industrial Education is in the University of Technology Education, the University of Danang, complying to the Prime Minister's decision on the arrangement of the Deparment of Technical Education and the College of Technology into the University of Technology and Education (UTE) – the University of Danang.

1. Training mission - development orientation
+ Training and managing lecturers to meet the need of vocational education according to the technical and technical majors at UTE
+ Fostering professional skills - updating technologies for the standardization of the contingent of vocational education lecturers at all levels.
+ Training and retraining to meet the requirements of professional skills testing, vocational upgrading, according to national occupational skill standards.
+ Meeting the requirements of soft skills training according to the output standards of the training programs at the University of Technology and Education – the University of Danang
+ Research and development, promotion of vocational education services through technology products.
+ Career orientation for high school students, providing the community with knowledge about technology to meet the human resource demand of the Industrial Revolution 4.0
2. Subjects
Department is currently managing 02 departments:
- Department of Basis Technology: teaching general subjects for the whole school.
- Department of Technical Education: teaching pedagogical professional subjects.
3. Staff - Trainers
The Faculty currently has 03 doctors, 08 masters.
4. Scale and training program
In the academic year of 2018-2019, the Department of Industrial Education enrolled the first course 45 students (students were exempted from tuition fees in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training). In the academic year of 2011-2022, the Department of Industrial Education is assigned to enroll 30 students.
Students of Industrial Education Faculty can choose one of the existing training courses of the school right at the beginning semester. After graduation, they will receive an engineering degree and a certificate of pedagogy.
5. Quality facilities
Office of the Department of Industrial Education: Room C103, Zone C - University of Technology and Education.
The Department of Industrial Education also manages the Material Endurance Laboratory with the capacity to serve 500 students per year.
6. Scientific research
In the 2017-2018 to 2020-2021 academic years, the faculty members have published 16 articles in international journals (including 09 articles in Wos and Scopus system), 32 articles published in domestic journals, accepting 09 projects at the grassroots level and 01 topic at the university level; are implementing 03 projects at the grassroots level.