Civil Engineering

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Office: Floor 1 - Zone A, University of Technical and Education
Address: 48 Cao Thang, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang City, Vietnam.

1. Introduction
Civil Engineering Department (CED) is established in 2002. The mission of CED is to train engineers in the fields of Construction and Architecture for the central - highland region and the country. Thousands graduated students of Civil Engineering Department have well promoted their abilities at enterprises throughout the country.

2. Staff and facilities
CED' staff are the lecturers with postgraduate training at prestigious universities at Vietnam and abroad. In addition, CED received the assistances from lecturers of the schools of the University of Da Nang.
Three division of CED:
- Division of Construction Engineering Technology.
- Division of Architecture.
- Division of Bridge and Road Engineering Technology 
The facilities of CED include six laboratorys and workshops:
- Construction Experimentation Laboratory
- Road Testing Laboratory
- Application Design Workshop.
- Architecture Design and Construction Workshop. 
- Construction Quality Testing Workshop. 
- Construction Practising Workshop.

3. Curriculumn
- Civil Engineering Technology
- Transportation Technology
- Urban Engineering Technology

4. Research activities 
Scientific research activities are alway actively participated by lecturers and students. The lecturers have been researching many scientific projects at all levels; published many articles in prestigious specialized journals and scientific conferences at home and abroad. Students have won many scientific research awards at all levels.
Focus Areas of Research of lecturers
- Structrure in Building.
- Materials.
- Sustainable Architecture & Urban Planning.
- Infrastructure in smart city.
- Geotechnics.
- Construction Project Management.