Educational Assessment and Quality Assurance

10/12/2019 1583

1. Introduction

The Educational Assessment and Quality Assurance is to consult and assist the Rector in courses assessment, internal quality assurance and accreditation at program and institutional level.

2. Staff: There’s 5 members

Head of OfficeMSc. Phan Ngoc
Vice head of OfficeMSc. Nguyen Van
StaffMEd. Tran Thi Kim
BSc. Truong Linh
BA. Pham Thi Quynh
3. Function:


a. Courses assessment:
- Making regulations on course assessment and evaluation.
- Making regulations on question bank and implementation.
- Management test questions and answers; providing and delivering copies of questions.
- Management grading and organization appeal procedure.


b. Quality assurance and accreditation:
- Consultation to formulate policies and plans on quality assurance.
- Consultation and support exercise of internal quality assurance system.
- Organization and implementation surveys to meet stakeholders’ needs.
- Organization and implementation self-assessment and support UTE’s units in writing self-assessment report.