Academic Affairs

17/08/2019 3166

The Office of Academic Affairs is a functional unit of the University to supports students and teachers in learning, teaching, research and creative expression. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education to prepare future human resources and beneficial citizens to participate in the industrialization and modernization of the Central - Western Highlands region and the whole country.


The Office of Academic Affairs has the function of advising and assisting the Rector in organizing and managing all the training activities which are according to the applied orientation, multi-discipline in the technological fields, and equipping knowledge of technical pedagogy, in order to create a high quality human resource, to meeting the cause of industrialization and modernization in the Central - Western Highlands region and the whole country.
- Advise on planning training strategies.
- Develop training management documents.
- Organize the development and management of training programs and curricula.
- Develops and revises policies on admissions, progression and retention standards.
- Develop a training plan.
- Organize and manage the training process.
- Manage printing, issuing diplomas and certificates.
- Other works: invite visiting lecturers, training link…


Deputy Head in charge: PhD, Nguyen Linh Nam
Deputy Head : MsC, Huynh Nhat Nam
Phone: (84)236.389.6639