Campus Life

17/08/2018 3228
    Attaching importance to the comprehensive development of students and being aware of the close relationship between the quality of life and the quality of learning, College of Technology ensures a dynamic living and learning environment where students can gain knowledge and share their passion.
      Taking advantage of the existing conditions, our students have had many achievements in both academic and community activities.
    • Our students have won several prestigious national awards in science and technology such as a 1st prize VIFOTEC, two 3rd prizes Sony Green Invention Award, 3rd prize nationwide Students Research Award, 1st prize Loa Thanh Building Award
    • As a pioneer in regular social charity activities held at centres for street children, single elderly people, those who contributed to Vietnam revolution, heroic Vietnam mothers..., the school was awarded the Certificate of Merit for the excellence in social charity and blood donation work.
    • Our students also had high achievement in a variety of programs such as: Miss Elegant, Golden Bell, Students with Fatherland Sea and Islands, Good Learning Conference, Student Research Forum, Student Voice Festival, Foreign Songs Festival.
     Located on campus, Student dormitory is equipped with a full range of essential supplies and equipment. It has 100 rooms, maximum capacity of 800 students.

     Many clubs are formed from the Youth Union and Student Association activities such as: Environment Club, SYE Club, Martial Arts Club, Traditional Dance Club, Guitar Club…