The University of Danang affirms a positive role in V2WORK project and VEES-NET by creating a lot of opportunity jobs and start-up for students

05/07/2023 148
From March, 29th to March 31st, 2021, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Trung Hung – Vice Rector of University of Technology and Education with the delegation attended summary conference of V2WORK project  and the annual session of Vietnam Job Search and Start-up Support Network VEES-NET.
      Attending the conference was representatives of leaders of departments and agencies under the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AIESEC international youth organization and representatives of leaders of universities, organizations and associations, international and domestic enterprises.
       V2WORK (Strengthening the Vietnamese Higher Education System to improve graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship skills) is a project about “Strengthening Vietnam's education system to support job seeking and skills for startup" within the framework of the Eramus Program+ that is sponsored the European Committee including the University of Danang, 03 European universities (University of Alicante, Spain; FH Joanneum University, Austria; University of Coimbra, Portugal) and 07 Vietnamese universities (Hanoi University of Technology; University of Science and Technology), University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh University of Industry, Nha Trang University, Thu Dau Mot University, Tra Vinh University and Tay Nguyen University).
       In the conference, representative of the University of Danang discussed and shared their experiences, the result of V2WORK project. Thereby, it strengthened the capacity for lectures and all staffs who involved in soft skill training so that students get more job opportunities, foster the spirit of startup and innovation. Furthermore, it helps develop the project in a sustainable orientation in view of linking between school and enterprise, forming VEES-NET network.
     Over the past 3 years, the University of Danang has actively deployed, accomplised the goals and tasks, and contributed into success of V2WORK project. This project also spread the spirit of innovation and creativity, launching with many creative activities and models in membership univerisities, such as the University of Technology and Education - the University of Danang.
      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Trung Hung shared: “The school has organized many training courses, cultivated soft skills for students, held many academic contests of creative innovation, start-up models, events, job festival, seminar in connecting schools and businesses. Through those expedient activities, the school mobilized, awarded many scholarships, provided information, and supported students for job opportunities. Also, developing creative ideas and startup supplied practical demand of international and domestic labor market”.
       Thanks to meaningful success of V2WORK project has opened up a new journey of VEES-NET network that the University of Danang is one of the eight co-founded universities to expand and promote cooperation between universities with managers, policy makers (from the central and local levels) and the business community for supporting students to find suitable jobs.
       In the annual meeting of VEES-NET network, member universities unified of oriented activities during the next 3 years including the following contents:
developing online learning modules to enhance students’ job search and opportunities;
deploying about “working exchange” for members of VEES-NET;
coordinating online events such as job fairs, enrollment consultations, scientific conferences/ seminars on topics of supporting students in job development and startup  service careers, and so on….
       In role of being an active member university, contributing to the success of the V2WORK Project, the proactive style in the VEES-NET network that the University of Danang has asserted its prestige, the top accademic reputaion in Vietnamese higher education system, contribute significantly on connection process and intergration of Eurasian higher education, firmly reaching the international level.

The overall picture of the workshop

A new wind of the success of V2WORK project to promote support for students 
with their opportunities for jobs 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Trung Hung - Vice Rector of University of Education and Science – the University of Danang engaging in the Board of Directors of VEES-NET 

The cooperarion between school and business at University of Technology and Education – the University of Danang is a typical result of V2WORK project.

Some realistic pictures of scientific research activities of students

The University of Danang is as a proactive pioneering in connecting schools and businesses 
in international projects.