Leaders of University of Technology and Education - The University of Danang visited and worked with Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam (UAC) Co., Ltd.

30/01/2022 616
       On April 23rd, 2021, University of Technology and Education – The University of Danang had a visit and work with leaders of Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC) of trainning cooperation, supporting for internship of students in corporate semester and cognitive internship in this company. Dr. Hoang Dung - Vice Rector and representatives of leaders of the Departments, Faculty, Centers and attached attached departments of the school attended the working group. 
      UAC is one of the multinational corporation specializing in manufacturing aircraft components for top aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, and so on… In 2019, this firm invested on high-tech zone in Hoa Lien – Hoa Vang, Danang city. This is an important event with the development of Danang. Investing the capital of UAC in Danang is contributing to bring many job opportunities for young students of University of Technology and Education - the University of Danang. 



Overview of the working session of the delegation of the University of Technology and Education at UAC Company

      According to Mr. Ciprian Bota – Executive producer, the company is recruiting more 1000 engineers, highly – qualified workers in the fields of mechanics, electricity, electronics, automation and so on…Besides, the company offers opportunities internship for students in relation to machining machinery, CNC, CAD/ CAM, quality inspection of production, material surface treatment, environment....


The delegation of the University of Technology and Education visited the factory at UAC Company

      At the meeting, Dr. Hoang Dung congratulated UAC on the completion of phase 1 of the Sunshine aerospace components factory invested by UAC Group (USA) in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park with a total capital of 170 million USD.; After the meeting, the school will direct its affiliated units to work closely with the company in training coordination, sending students to practice as well as widely informing students about recruitment needs. UAC's human resources in the near future.
       On this occasion, Dr. Hoang Dung would like to thank and invite the company's leaders to visit and work at the University of Technical Education - the University of Danang as soon as possible.