University of Technology Education (UTE)- The University of Danang welcomes and cooperation with Bridge Company and Yonemori, Japan

08/09/2020 1248
On February 10, 2020, The Board of Director of University of Technology Education – The University of Danang had a meeting with Mr. Kaoru Yamakawa - Deputy Director of Bridge Company and Mr. Naoki Yonemori - Director of Construction Company Yonemori, Japan. Attend the program with Dr. Hoang Hai - Head of International Cooperation Department - The University of Danang; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Cao Tho - Rector of University of Technology and Education and the board of Rector of affiliated departments.
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Phan Cao Tho - Rector of the school and leaders of the department and faculty welcomed and worked with the representatives of Bridge Company and Yonemori Company, Japan.
On the visiting, The Board of Director happily welcomed the Bridge Company and Yonemori Company from Japan. It is known that Bridge Company will be the focal point to introduce graduates of UEB with Japanese business partners wishing to work in the fields of electricity, electronics, automation, environment, biology ... In addition, the Bridge Company expressed its wish to cooperate in research with the school in the field of materials

During the visit to the Laboratory, Mr. Kaoru Yamakawa - Deputy Director of Bridge Company, Japan noted the limitations of equipment. Experimental experiments at the and will try to connect with other businesses to invest in research support equipment in the UTE's laboratory.


Representatives of Japanese companies visit Laboratory, Practice Room of Faculty of Electrical - Electronics and Faculty of Chemical Technology - Environment

On the side of Yonemori Construction Company, Yonemori will receive students in Architecture and Construction to practice at the Company in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Currently, the company has officially recruited 2 architects from Hanoi Architectural University to work in Japan. Realizing that, University of Technology and Education is one of the leading prestigious, quality, application-oriented universities in the Central and Central Highlands regions. Japanese companies want to recruit engineers to come to work in Japan. In addition, the companies will provide funding to increase Japanese language training in UTE. Japanese companies will attend the opening of the Japanese language class at the National University of Science and Technology in April 2020
This is an important meeting to establish the relationship between the parties, opening up opportunities to sign cooperation between UTE - UD and Japanese companies.