University of Technology and Education in collaboration with Hue Industrial College successfully organized "Workshop on Education 4.0 and New Skills"

18/09/2020 37

Workshop on Education 4.0 and New Skills ”is an activity within the EMVITET project framework. This is a project sponsored by the European Union's Erasmus + program, of which the Hämk University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is the main partner to implement the project with 6 universities and colleges in Vietnam. . Participating in and coordinating to organize the Workshop in Hue are members of the Project Steering Committee, the core group of trainers to implement the project, the group of technical support staff and representatives of the faculty in the university.

At the workshop, the group of going to training at Finland of the School University of Technology and Education presented the goals and meanings of Education 4.0;  the method get people learning center; teaching towards student development. In particular, the teachers have reported some implementation results within more than a month since the end of the 3-week training in Finland in early October 2019 on the use of advanced technologies combined with Active teaching methods such as project-based teaching, team-based teaching in work improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities to help learners train and develop best individuals in a digital age. . The results of the initial implementation show that the use of digital technology in teaching activities not only creates excitement and active participation of students but also improves efficiency in acquiring knowledge. , developing students' skills in the teaching process.

Also at the workshop,  EMVITET Project Management Unit, represented by Dr. Irma Kunnari, has organized many training activities for participating trainers on applying active teaching methods in combination with the use of digital tools to increase the effectiveness of teaching. These activities contribute to changing the perceptions as well as the capacity of teachers to access and use digital technology in teaching towards an education that meets the requirements of the industrial revolution in the new age.

During the participation time, the school's EMVITET Project Steering Committee also had discussions with the Project Management Board, European education experts participating in the project on continuing to effectively implement the activities. project activities as well as on issues of teaching method innovation and building an educational ecosystem for 4.0.

As planned, the University of Technology and Education will hold the next seminar of the project in March 2020 with the participation of all partner universities in Europe along with 6 universities and colleges in Vietnam is participating in implementing the project..

Some more photos at the workshop: