The officials, trade union members, youth union members of University of Technology and Education to prevent and combat Covid-19.

07/08/2020 61
Over the past week, the entire people of Da Nang city has implemented the prevention and control of Covid-19 under the Prime Minister's Directive No. 16 / CT-TTg, including officials and trade union members, a student of University of Technology and Education- The University of Danang. The implementation of social isolation and separation has been seriously and thoroughly implemented by all school officials and employees; in which officials and students at the school dormitory have ensured the safety of epidemic control in the work and accommodation areas. At the same time, to support the accommodation of 178 students who are staying in the dormitory and 155 outpatient students, the school has organized a kitchen in the dormitory, calling for the sponsors, sponsors. donate. In just a short time, officials and union members of the school voluntarily stood out to mobilize and call for benefactors to donate money and necessities (rice, noodles, soap, masks). ...) for students, so that they can move away from home safely to prevent and control Covid-19. 
Advocating donors to join hands to support students

Giving gifts of philanthropists to students on the morning of August 4, 2020

Besides, a number of units in the University, due to the specific characteristics of the work, during the anti-epidemic, the officials and employees concerned also settled the work online or were directly present to carry out the common work. are: Student Affairs, Dormitory Management Department, Academic Affairs, Finance and Planning Office, Administration and Personnel Office, Learning Resource and Communication Center ... Of which, there are some individuals Positive, especially in the case of Mr. Nguyen Van Dung - In charge of Dormitory Management Department, Chairman of Division Trade Union, despite being treated for illness, he still tried to overcome to implement preventive tasks. , fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic in the dormitory, participating in coordinating with internal and external units to manage students, establishing a concentrated medical isolation area of Danang City; or other positive factors such as Mr. Duong Thi Huong - Secretary of the Office of Administrative Organization, Mr. Phan Nhat Long - Deputy Secretary of the Union, President of the Students' Union, ... In addition, there are many officials officials, trade union members, other youth union members who participated in the work very responsibly; there are security guards and staff on duty 24/24 at the school and dormitory to ensure effective and successful prevention of Covid-19; all of these actions have the same goal of "winning a pandemic".


Representatives of the Standing Committee of the Trade Union of the University of Da Nang and the Standing Committee of the Union of UTE School presented a gift to encourage Mr. Nguyen Van Dung

The Rector Board captures, acknowledges and appreciates the sense of responsibility of the Teachers, Teachers and Officials with the University, with students and the community. “But I hope everyone will not be subjective and thoroughly implement measures to prevent and control epidemics. ” Assoc.Prof. Dr.Phan Cao Tho - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of University said.

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