Launching Science Club of the University of Technical Education - University of Danang

18/05/2023 11
On April 11, 2023, the Science Club of the University of Technology and Education (UEB) - the University of Danang had its first meeting. Participants in the first activity were 20 scientists from units of the University. The Science Club was established with the purpose of conducting academic activities, in order to give suggestions to the Board of Directors on guidelines and policies for the development of science and technology activities
disseminating, exchanging information, and coordinating to propose projects and topics, especially international projects and national projects; giving suggestions to topics and projects, especially interdisciplinary topics and projects; Information, and exchange about new research directions in the world;… The club will organize activities at CEF Center Danang (Centre d'Employabilité Francophone de Danang) – the 1st floor, Area C. Participating The club is completely based on the volunteering of lecturers and scientists inside and outside the University. Currently, there are 25 registered members.
At the first meeting, the members introduced themselves, their desire to join the Club as well as their ability to contribute to the club's common activities.
The meeting took place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, with a sincere desire to cooperate to carry out research activities.
The members agreed to assign Dr. Vo Van Quan - Lecturer of the Faculty of Chemical Technology - Environment prepare content to exchange for the next activity with the topic "How to publish prestigious scientific articles"



Science Club members taking souvenir photos