Closing ceremony Mitsubishi elevator Technology course 2020

29/12/2020 22
On the December 29th , 2020, University of Technology and Education (UTE) cooperated with Mitsubishi Elevator Vietnam Co. Ltd. (VMEC) held the Closing Ceremony and awarded certificates to the students of the Elevator Engineering class with 12 students successfully completed the course and received a graduation certificate.
Attending the Closing Ceremony, Representative of VMEC, there were Mr. Takaoka Hiroya - General Manager, Mr. Murase Satoru - Technical Advisor, Mr. Tran Hung Dai - Manager; from the University of Technology and Education, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. VO Trung Hung - Vice Rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Qui Tra - Head of Research Management and International Cooperation Department, PhD. Bui He Thong – Deputy - Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Pham Duy Duong - Head of Automation Department and teachers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical - Electronics; and 12 students participating in the course.

Representative of UTE and VMEC with the students
At Closing Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. VO Trung Hung emphasized " The 2020 is a difficult year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the efforts of the University of Technology and Education and VMEC, the Elevator Engineering class has been implemented on schedule and with great success. The course has helped the students developing knowledge, skills, and experience in elevator operation and maintenance; opportunities to practice Japanese and learn about the culture and working environment in Japanese businesses This training course is a testament to the cooperation between the University and training in order to bring better working opportunities for students. Assoc. Prof. Dr. VO Trung Hung also pledged to continue to cooperate with VMEC to continue organizing these training courses in the near future. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Trung Hung delivers at the closing ceremony
The representative of VMEC delivered a speech at the Closing Ceremony, Mr. Takaoka Hiroya thanked the University of Technology and Education and the teachers who participated in teaching and managing the class. He hopes that today's graduates will make more efforts to work well, contribute to economic development and cooperation between Japan and Vietnam..
 Mr. Takaoka Hiroya delivers at the closing ceremony
Mr. Murase Satoru, the teacher gave graduation certificates to the students. He advised each student to try, make more effort to work well and make the most of their learned knowledge, skills and experience.
Mr. Murase and students